How to load HTML5 games faster?

Is there something like this which can help me with my project?

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The next version of GDevelop will allow games to load much faster, by loading only resources needed for the first scene and loading the resources for the other scenes as the player plays on the first scene.


Will this be an option for the game, or implemented for all games? And will the resources for the previous scene be retained, or removed from memory?

Could that loading-resources-as-needed have an impact on subsequent scenes, so a smooth and quick transition from a current scene to a new one may not always be possible (depending on the number and size of the resources the new scene uses)?

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Resources are not loaded as needed, they are still all completely loaded at the start, and never unloaded as the game plays out. It’s just that the first scene will be able to start while resources for the other scenes are not done loading. If you switch to a scene quickly while resources are still loading, I believe the loading screen will pop back up for the remaining resources.

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Ok, that makes a bit of sense. So is the loading of resources prioritised with the start scene first, then the rest?

That’s interesting! More advanced loading is kind of a huge thing if someone wants to make a giant game.