How to make a ball bounce once hitting the ground?

How do I…

Make a ball, for example, bounce upon hitting the ‘ground’ with the Physics 2.0 property?

What is the expected result

The ball should bounce when hitting the ground.

What is the actual result

The ball has the Draggable Extension activated and when the left mouse button drags and lets go of the ball, it bounces on the ‘roof’ and side walls but it doesn’t bounce when hitting the ground.

Related screenshots

Not relevant as it’s a Physics 2.0 behaviour. All I have in my logic/events is two events not related to this particular ‘issue’.

Project files (optional)


:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
If your ground has Physics behavior and your ball has some weight, some gravity, and a restitution higher than 0, I think that’s enough for bouncing.
If it doesn’t bounce, maybe your weight/gravity settings are too much, compared to your restitution.
A restitution of 1 means the ball bounces as high as it fell from.
A screenshot of the Physics properties of your ball would have helped.


Thank you. It’s working better now. :slight_smile:

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