How to make a player stay within another object

So i have a ship, inside the ship the player.

how to have the player be able to move freely within the ship but cant go out? also the ship will move.

How are you moving the player? Does the ship have to move (or can you do something else like move the background)?

player is the main character, top down movement,

he is in the ship and he can take control of the ship to move, so player can move from one side to another, then activate the ship you take control of the ship.

like the game lovers in dangerous spacetime

Try different things and see what suits u, try to activate/deactivate behavior and change position of the player to ship, for example when player is “driving” deactivate behavior for the player and activate for ship amd change the position to a certain point from the ship so player will stay there.

i cant even figure out how to make the player move in the ship hahahahah

You want the player to move while the ship is moving all the time? The ship will stop sometimes?Tell us the experience u have with Gdevelop to know how to explain it to you.

the ship and player will not move together,

i cant figure out how to make the player move inside the ship,

ok, i have manage but no idea if its right, but it works

collision mask like a donut, with a hole in the middle, player spawns in the middle he cant get out

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