How to make an explosion?

How to make an explosion? So that the objects around the explosion are scattered?

Create an animation for the explosion and an Sprite for scatter parts so play the explosion animation so when the animation finish or reach some frame add a Repeat event to create scatter parts
Repeat 10 times
Create Scatter_part at explosion positio X, Y
Add permanent Force to Scatter_part RandomInRange(-10,10), RandomInRange(-20,20)
That way all parts will be created and apply force to random position.

Plus if you add Platformer to parts disable default controls so the parts will be affected by gravity.
Then maybe you can add a condition like if Scatter_part is in collision with floor delete or fade.

I don’t want the particles flying around, but the furniture around me.n9LXcZ

Here is an example in the picture. Everything is blown away by the explosion

Ah ok, I’m pretty sure those objects has physics you can check the physics examples, you need to check if bomb hitbox is in collision with chair or table when the bomb animation finish then apply Random forces to the objects.

And how do I get all the objects that collided with the explosion hitbox?

You can do it with a simple condition

It didn’t work out the way I wanted. So far, I have done this - I increase the size of the sprite and delete it after 0.1 seconds

share a screenshot of your events so I or others can help you.