How to make character bind to physics object

I have a player character “SpaceGuy” that is bound to a round physics object’s (planet1) center of gravity. when i move to the left and right for a bit, the SpaceGuy makes large drastic movements around the planet and flies off. how can i make it so that the SpaceGuy sticks to the planet and doesn’t fly off? i don’t want to make the force too large so that the player can’t move. images below:

I think you only need to adjust the density and gravity settings, depending on the size of your objects and the effect you’re looking for.

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Thanks for the reply. Should I increase the gravity and increase density as well?

As I said, it depends on your game. Try both ways and you’ll figure it out.

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Sorry for the late reply. I listed the effect I wanted (the player to stay bound to the planet instead of flying off when an amount of force is applied). I tried altering the settings a bit, but I’m not sure what direction I should start heading in. Which object should I edit? How much should I alter the values?

Don’t “alter the settings a bit”, or you won’t notice the changes, alter them a lot :grin:
You won’t break anything, don’t worry.

The Physics behavior uses the rules of physics, if you increase the gravity of the planet, the player will be attracted stronger to the planet.
If you increase the density of the player, it will weigh heavier so it won’t fly off too easily.

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