How to make Dialogue SFX not weird (PLS HELP)

So, i made the dialogue system cool and stuff, but the things is, it just feels weird when the sound plays when a backspace appears, is there a way to make the sound not play if the word is a backspace?

How can a word be a backspace?
Do you mean a line break ? Like, moving to a new line?
Please share some screenshots and details, or we can’t help you. :slight_smile:

I mean how can it detect the backspace and don’t play a sound like “oh-> <-hello-> <-there!”. I just need a backspace detector.

You meant Space ? Backspace is the key to erase the last character (above the Return key)
I guess you’ll have to check if the last character inserted is not a space before playing the sound.

i got it working with the help of a bridge variable.
inverted condition didn’t work for some uncertain reason.