How to make framerate update invisible

I have made an Escape game and it work properly. but the problem is that i can see the frame update.

let me explain what i meant…

i made many scenes and on each scene has inventory contain 5 slots …

By default all slots color are white, means that the slot is Not chosen.
And if one of the slot is chosen then the color of that slot will change to grey.

i have the Global variable to determine which slot is being chosen.
let say SlotNumber = 1 ( means that slot1 is chosen )

because Slot1 is chosen then the color of slot1 will be change to grey…

However when i move to next scene, i see first that the slot1’s color is white (By default) and then it change to grey. ( so i can see the object is like blinking when updating its color… )

How to fix that??

So I’m not fully understanding the issue you’re experiencing, and while I may not be able to help directly, you’re going to want to include at least the following:

  • Screenshots of your event sheet that include the previous and next scene events.
  • A screenshot (or video) of what actually happens
  • A more detailed description of what you’re expecting to happen.
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You need to change the frame of all slots at the begining of the scene try a
foreach obj_slot
inside the loop check your slot is equal to your global if true then change the frame if not do nothing.

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A few years ago I ran into exactly the same problem with the game I was developing.

I did a procedural fade-in/fade-out effect for the scene change. That first version of the effect created a black object that covered the entire visible area of ​​the new scene and then decreased its opacity until it became invisible. The problem was that when loading the new scene it was possible to see for a moment the entire layout of the level. The effect ran at the beginning of the scene so it was supossed that should not be possible. The only solution I found was to manually create the black object, in the starting position, in each scene.

Currently I have the same problem with a procedure that creates and modifies sprites at the beginning of each scene (all flickers for a moment at the beginning) and I will probably fix it by hiding it with manually created objects which I will then procedurally fade away.

So, if you want something to look in some way at the very beginning of the scene, without any flickering, it’s better to do it in the design window (and hide any procedurally object generation behind manually created objects).

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thanks, i will try your solution :slight_smile: