How to make it so that r to restart [SOLVED]

So… I’m making a little platformer and there is already everything I need in it. EXCEPT for one thing. When you fail to jump on the platform, you just keep falling in to nothingness and you can’t get back up. I wanna make a little feature where when you start falling in to nothing, you can press “R” on your keyboard to restart the game. Can I have help please? I’ve been through many tutorials but none of them make any sense. Thanks!

You can use various systems.
One would be to insert a control where when the player’s (Y) position drops below a certain value, the game starts over.

how does that work? im a beginner.

this what it looks like when your falling


Sorry Jack, I didn’t see you posted the solution already. Basically mine is simpler and more automatic, while Jack’s waits for the letter “r” to be pressed

Thank you!!! When I tried your solution it worked!! That was so helpful!!