How to make magic player animation in GDevelop?

I just want to learn how to make player change it’s animation when summoning magic and but it’s only summon the ide animation and here is my screenshot?

You should really give more information. I’m going on the assumption that the X key is to summon magic, and the summon animation is 2. If your summon animation is not showing and only the idle animation is showing, then it’s good indication that somewhere further down your events you are setting the animation to idle (possibly if the player isn’t moving).

Additionally, if you hold the X key down, the AurionElemnt will be fired every 0.75 seconds, repeatedly. This is because the resetting the timer changes the conditions. However, the sound is played only once while the X key is held (and same for the animation change). Is this what you want?

Also, you can combine event actions that have the same condition. So your events could be rewritten as :

Can anyone help me please?!

It has only been 6 hours since you started this thread and you haven’t given that much information. Keep in mind everyone is in different time zones and not everyone logs in every day, so sometimes it takes a day or so for an answer to come back.


But I’m aiming for wizard attack animation like ranged weapon like bow & arrow or magical staff?

That’s fine, but have you checked if you are setting the animation to idle in another event?

You can also look at the GDevelop examples for help on how to animate. Search the page for the word ‘animation’.

I;m have upgrade my GDevelop