How to make scenes and create object list?

Howdy, I am new to this program and first I would like to say I look forward to writting my stories here. I have been looking for a program to do so.
My first problem is how to get the pics I want into the objects list. I assume that is where the images need to be in order to use them in the scene. I have tried uploading from my pics file and inserting them into the examples file and uploading from there. I can get them on the image page but I can not get them to the objects window or even create a backdrop for my scene. The tutorials are all in French or Spanish and the limited English is vague on using the interface. I tried typing key words into Forum but this produced mostly issues that are more advanced than where I am which is at the beginning. If I could get an understanding of exactly how the interface is manipulated in a sensible order I can teach myself from there.
Second I am really trying to create a the game world in a series of rooms, much like a persistent based browser would be set up. The rooms would be in a ladder format so that I could group them the way I wanted and fill them with quests.
If anyone can give me a laymans understanding of how to get started with this program i would very much appreciate it.

In order to add images to your project, just double-click on the “Images” element. This will open a new tab where you can add images by clicking on the Green Cross “Add an image” in the ribbon at the top, there an openfile dialog shows and you can select the files you wanna use as images (you can even select multiples files with Ctrl+Click)
Secondly, I don’t actually get what you wanna do, maybe creating scenes ?
Anyway I hope I helped =D

I guess what you mean with “rooms” are scenes, Game Develop can create endless number of scenes, you can do this in the menu “Project Manager” on the left where it says “Scenes”, you use the left mouse button on it and select “New Scene”, then name it as you want, and the events page can use the action “go to a scene” to call it , of course with its respective/s condition/s.