How to make scenes not reset when they're changed?

so im trying to make a game kind of like slime keeper but early on i realized i cant use scenes because scenes reset when you leave them even though i want to use scenes for cages/puzzles because im planning on making it a one screen puzzle game

so long story short:how do i make scenes not reset

If you pause the scene, when you return to it it will be in the same state it was in when you left and not reset.

You can also use a variable to keep track of if a scene has been visited or not, then only load certain elements based on the value of the variable.

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Hi if you want to save the game data to be persistent try with this example is for save//load your game data in Storage.
All the data is saved on the LocalStorage so you later when reopen the game do a load data of the previous play. ie: lives, scores, coins, etc.
Hope this helps.