How to make update variable in 2 diff layer and same instance?

  1. The Skill Slot + Wheel UI Loadout Menu
  2. Wheel UI.

How to link same instanse that have same 3 obj var value that are on diff layer ?
There is 2 layer : Base and loadout
There is one object named “SkillSlot”.
The object have 2 instances. One in Base and one in loadout layer
Object SkillSlot have 3 variable : ID, key, anim.
To do :

SkillSlot in loadout have ID = 1, key = 1, ; Recieve Input set anim = 1
SkillSlot in Base have ID = 1, key = 1 ; (put “anim = 1” here)

How to put var anim = 1 in SkillSlot in Base?
In other word, after SkillSlot in loadout have anim =1, SkillSlot in Base must also have anim = 1 (Automatically);

I’m not sure I understood. :confused:
You want to pick skills at the beginning of the game, and make them available in the wheel menu?
For each slot, if the loadout slot ID = wheel slot ID, move the object to the wheel slot?
There is an action to move an object to a different layer, if you need.

No. I will update the question

So, what you want is: copy a variable of one instance to another instance?
When you add the variable to the first instance, can’t you add it at the same time to the other instance? It would be the easiest.

Otherwise: if object is on layer X and object variable =/= 0, store it in tempvariable. if object is on layer Y and object variable =0, change it to tempvariable.
Didn’t test it, but I think it should work…

Instead of using X Y can u use base or loadout layer… I’m confused

yes just replace X and Y with your layer names.