How to move or scroll a layer with mouse? that layer also has selectable items

I know about how to add mouse x & y position but dont know how to move a layer with it, also in the layer there are items that need to be clicked with mouse click or touch to be selected too.

I don’t think we have a feature for that. You’ll have to bind the objects to a SuchLayer object and move it, or perhaps put them all in a SuchLayer group and apply your actions to the group.

Search the extension library for “Drag camera with Pointer”

Then use some click timer logic to differentiate between “clicking” and “dragging” when moving the camera:

The “GridLines” object in my example is like the map holding my tiles, so it “feels” like it is is draggable, but it’s really the camera on it’s layer that is moving.

If items need to be clicked, you can’t just move the camera.

I don’t see why not… but I guess that’s Omar’s problem to figure out what works best in their scene.