How to obtain the signing key for my app

I need to access the signing key that was generated for my app (.aab) from GDevelop. I have re-developed my app natively in android studio now and to upload the new version, need access to the original key. Is this key stored somewhere locally in my game files or computer? If not, I would appreciate any help in tracking this down.

Y’all started the journey for app development for me and I am eternally grateful. Thanks!

If you used a custom key, it is not recoverable by the GDevelop team as it is specific to your package/install prior. There is no “default” location, it is whereever you saved it.

That said, if you used the default key and built using the online build system before, you might be able to follow the process here to contact and see if a copy of the key can be provided, but there’s multiple versions and the oldest may no longer be available:

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I did not use a custom key, I used the automatic signing or whatever it was called that was handled by Gdev. I wish I could go back in time to generate my own key and avoid this mess. Oh well, I’ll figure it out one way or another.

I did contact the customer support email before writing this ticket, as I saw this method in another answer. The situation was slightly different though so I wanted to make my own ticket to see if there was another way to go about this and for anyone else in my specific situation in the future.

Thanks for your help!

Any idea on how long it is supposed to take them to respond to my email? I’m trying to be patient lol…

They just got back to me. Nevermind and thanks!