How to open GDev file project

Why is it that when I publish my game in GDev it has no sound? Does anyone know how to open the project file for a project? Please help T-T It’s for a school project huhu ToT

hi bonchonn,
Was your game playing sound normally in the preview before you exported it?

Are you auto playing sounds when the game starts? (like music) Browsers don’t like that. You may need to add a condition for user interaction before it can happen.

ohhhh ok, but my problem now is since I panicked that my game didn’t have any bgm, I repeatedly generated links and now whenever I generate a link it says something like “not permited to open file” and after that it shows that its loading but I;ve waited for so long like 8hours? but it didnt generate any link

Sorry to hear that. Never published on before, but unpublishing and publishing the game again might work?
Otherwise you might have to publish it as a different game name on the website.