How to prevent iPhone from zooming text form?

Hi everyone

How to prevent iPhone from zooming text form?
I tried implement by this answers:


But no result (
Maybe I’m implementing wrong.

I’m testing with:

Font size is 26 px.
Screen resolution is 720 x 1280 (portrait) and set to “no changes to the game size”.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We don’t have many people owning iOS devices and distributing their games on iOS devices.
Could you share a video snippet demonstrating the issue with your game?

This is HTML5 game. So, it is for browsers including iOS’s any browser.
I want to try that my game must work same (or similar) without differences or bugs on every (popular) devices/browsers.
And about how many people owning iOS devices You can see this stat:
Is 27% not many?

This is a sample project that shows what is the problem:

On iOS if You tap to “input text form” to type smth, it will zoom the screen.
And You cannot back to default zoom. Even refreshing the page couldn’t help You :frowning:
If You don’t have iOS device You can use this simulator to open that link:

There was different problem about it on Android too. But I fixed it in my game project.

After a lot researching on it I found the way to fix it, but couldn’t implement it.
I have to change meta tag of viewport in index.html to this:
“<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>”

It will not affect if I will change it in js event. (tested)

Yes, it is looks like possible to change manually after manual export to html5 game and manually in index.html file. But I can’t test before publishing it to somewhere. It needs server to test.

So, how can I change that meta tag before generating html5 game?
Maybe, I have to change manually smth in GDevelop installed folder that some file that GDevelop will read it and set these html tags on generating the html5 game? If yes, where and which file should be changed?

I have the same probleme. I made a game for play with friends/colleague.
My game work perfectly on android, but when i try to use a browser with apple device (safari, Chrome, Firefox, …) there are a zoom when i try to text…
Do you found a solution of our problem withaout using manual export ?