How to publish?

well, I have finally completed the game. Now I need to know how to publish and aultimately sell it on my site. I created this one as Web Platform, because I wantyed the game to open in a browser window rather than opening a taking up the monitor.

Again thank you all for the help :slight_smile:D

I don’t see how you’re going to set up a realistic model of selling a game if you’re trying to get people to run it in browser from your website. Also, there are so many and such good free games around now, a game really has to be absolutely awesome for people to spend money on it. You could consider to earn money on it from ads, by uploading it to websites such as kongregate or gamejolt, but only if it is getting (at least) hundreds of thousands of plays will you earn much money from it. If it truly is a good game, then it will get this many plays and you could consider to release a second (much improved) version as a pay for game.

You could put a demo version on main site and do paywall for those who want to play full version so they will have to register and have in database account with set flag that he bought game. Then using paypal api, after finishing transaction it would set “bought” flag for current user.

I can’t help you with actual coding, but if you know bit of PHP it should be quite easy (easier than it sounds as well - I am terrible at explaining things easily).

Ok. Thank you both for the insight. What I need to know now is how to package the game so it includes an .exe file so when it is downloaded from Gamejolt it can be played. I used ( File> Export to Web) to create the zipped folder and then uploaded that to GameJolt. When I went to another computer that does not have GD on it, and downloaded the game from GameJolt, all I get is a folder with my Pictures, Music, and aCode page that cannot be opened.

If you want an .exe file you need to export for native platform.

Ah, Thanks Mats. Wasn’t too sure when I started the difference between the two. If I built the game as Web Platform. Is it possible to convert it to a Native Platform with out rewriting the entire thing?

I never tried it? I guess just change your project over to native project and make sure the correct extensions are ticked and then see…

How do I do that? Just start a new project and cut and paste the pages?

Every feature and extension available for Web Platform is available for Native Platform (not vice versa), so if you are using the Web Platform and change to Native Platform (option to change it in extensions), your game should work great under PC without rewriting anything… I think :confused:

Just right-click on “native platform” in the extension list.

OMG! THat was so simple. I have no clue how I was able to make the ghame in the first place LOL. Thank you. I actually cut and pasted it line by line.