How to select a frame in a specific animation cycle?

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting, I absolutely love Gdevelop and Ive been working with it for about six months. First off I have absolutely no coding or programming experience so I apologise if this is a simple lack of understanding.

I am currently trying to trigger an event that occurs when a frame of a specific animation is playing. Obviously there is a condition for this— the Current Frame condition.

However, it seems that the value of the frame that can be selected only corresponds to the first animation cycle, which I have allocated an idle animation to. I am trying to identify the frame that corresponds to the walking animation, but the frame number stops at the last frame of the idle animation group. I’m not sure how to access the one frame in this animation. Obviously I can find the condition for an entire specific animation, but not a specific frame within that animation.

I don’t know if this is a simple thing that I’m missing but I’d really love some help.

Can you not use two conditions?

  • Current animation is …
  • Current frame is …
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Absolutely perfect, thank you so so much

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