How to select object behind other one

in the editor I have a object (semi transparent) and one below. Is it possible to select the object below using the mouse without open object list and without move the upper one ?

Example: how can I select the red point in one click ?

Could you put them on different layers? Can you put the clickable objects in a group and check the mouse is on the object group?

Or if you know the Z-order of either of them, use that in the condition? Though you run the risk of picking the background object too.

I understood jumpingj’s question to mean that it’s hard to select something in the scene editor if there’s a larger thing in front of it. This is often a problem for me too. Objects in a locked layer can still be selected which I remember someone mentioned in an old thread as a problem. So with this problem, we have to find the item in the object list and for example manually move it with x or y rather than grab it with the mouse and just move it.

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Ah, I missed that crucial word - editor.

You can click and drag the objects, and then shift + LMB click to unselect the unwanted objects. But you’ll need to start far enough out and on a blank area - not where any sprites are placed. Not ideal.

I guess it would be nice to have a key press + LMB click to cycle through each object under the mouse pointer. Something like ctrl + shift + LMB click.

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