How to Set Up Color Arrays?

any tips about setting up color arrays?

such as make a scene and/or global variable called Colors then have an array from 0 to 28. with each array being set to a different Tint in RBG format

My logic was to create no condition with an action for Colors 0 = 0-255-0, 1 = 0-225-225, 2 = 255-255-0 and so on.

the call array numbers to change object color randomly

If you simply want to change color randomly, you can use Random(255) without building the whole arrays :slight_smile:

If you do need to have an array filled with random colors, you can also do in a repeat x times event "append string ToString(Random(255)) + ";’ + ToString(Random(255)) + “;’ + ToString(Random(255)) to variable Colors”. Though like Gruk said, if you just need to set an object to a random color you can use that expression directly or use the random color extension.