How to store multiple true and false questions in one variable?

i need to store 25 questions in a variable, the idea is that it’s a turn-based battle game but you have to answer a true or false question after clicking on attack
if you get the answer right, the attack lands, and if is wrong then you don’t
my idea is to use the dialogue box (I’m using the top down RPG template if that helps) so display the questions, and buttons below that box for the player to select
how can I do this? i know is possible to store multiple questions in one structure variable, but I dont know exactly how to set the correct answers to them

Store the questions in an array of strutures. Each array entry represents one question. Each one child of the question structure being the question body (string) and the other child representing answer (boolean):

Taking QuesNum to be the question number, Set the question like:


And check the answers like: