How to tween object/layer effects

Hello. Just like in title, how could I make a simple tween for layer/object effects?

Let’s say I want to tween the brightness parameter from the Adjustment effect from 0 to 5.

If there’s not a tween action for something, you can use tween object variable. Create a tween from 0 to 1 and under it’s “tween is playing” set the effect value to the tweened object variable.

Note: You’ll also need to set the effect value on the tweens “finished” condition because when the variable changes to it’s final value it won’t “trigger” a “tween is playing” it will trigger a “tween has finished”

Edit: if you use an “or” condition, you can use “tween is playing” or"tween has finished" for the condition and then set the value as the action. Although, it’s best to delete a tween when done. So, you’d need a separate"tween is done" to delete the tween.

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Thank you very much. With your help I have figured it out!

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