How to unable a button

how to unable to press a button after pressing the first one.

to make it more clear I’ll make an example:
there is 3 button
when the player chooses one button out of 3, i want the other two to be unable to press or do not respond with the action made
what code should i use?

Try this it worked for me. I set a Boolean variable (True / False) called clicked and checked it to see if it was clicked then do action.


oh thanks,okay i’ll try it, brb

im new in gdevelop :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: what actions should i do?
can you give me a example of it?
thanks a muchhh!

Ill have to work on that tonight for you once I get home.
BTW its Boolean variable set when you click the button set to true then check if it was pressed before doing your action.

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ohh thankyouu, ill be waiting for that :smile: