How to update existing Beta App in App Store Connect?

I developed the app on windows and now am in the process of trying to release my app onto the App Store.

I’m exporting the game like so: GDEV > CORDOVA > Build for XCODE on Mac > XCODE > Then archive uploading to App Store Connect.

Currently I have the beta being tested in TestFlight but I cannot figure out how to launch a new update to the beta without creating an entirely new app in App Store Connect. How do I take the new Cordova export from GDEV and use it to add a new build in App Store Connect without starting over? I can’t find the info online probably because I don’t know the correct terminology and this is the first time I have ever used any sort of Apple product.


Can’t help with iOS unfortunately, but read this: ios - Pushing from TestFlight to AppStore new version - Stack Overflow

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