How to use revolute joints to pull objects


I am trying to make this lizard crawl and I want to use revolute joints to hold the body parts together. When I press preview, after making my game as close as I can to the joint extension example, the body parts have collision and they push each other apart as shown above. The head of the lizard is the part that moves, using the top-down movement system, but when I move the body just stays where it’s at. I’ve also put a picture of all of my events. If anyone has any idea why this isn’t working I would be so happy to have it fixed. Thanks in advance!

Do you want the arms to detect collision with anything? If not then go into the bottom of the physics behaviour settings for each object and uncheck/unmark the collision layers and masks.

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Oh my gosh, that did it! Now there’s no collision between them but the revolute joints still aren’t pulling the other body parts along

Does the body part have the physics behaviour?

Also, don’t mix physics behaviours with what appears to be top down behaviour commands. Physics objects are moved with forces, so you’ll need to apply a force to the head and not move it by any other means.

Okay thank you I didn’t know those shouldn’t mix. I’ll follow some tutorials about forces. Yes they all have the physics behavior. The only settings I’ve changed in the physics behavior page is the gravity because it’s a top-down game