How to use time events?

Any idea how to make an attack do damage over time, make the player regenerate hp every sec, I also wanted to make a stun skill that would make the enemy stop attacking for a few sec, but still have no idea how to use the time events, if you have the time could you please explain it.:blush:

You just need to use timers. Just search time then you are good to go. Example: In condition, Time โ€œAโ€ is equal to 1 then in action, Variable โ€œHealthโ€ + 1. Then another condition, Time โ€œAโ€ is equal to 2 then add 1 again to variable โ€œHealthโ€ do it repeatedly to do the Regeneration Effect.

This just means that for every HP point I have to make a new event to add 1 to HP, this would work although inefficient if you had a set amour of HP, however if players HP can be increased you have to manual add the extra events. I need to be able to make it so that

If player HP < player HP max
Do +1 to player HP every 1 sec .

If player HP = player HP max
Do Stop

Edit: I added Reset the timer โ€œAโ€ in the condition along with Variable โ€œHPโ€ + 1, so it resets the timer and adds 1 every sec.

Used text to see if it works.(Explanation for anyone that thinks I should have used variables instead of text)

Yeah I forgot that you can use reset timer instead of continuously create new events. Now you can use time perfectly!