How too make multiple variables not be the same number (SOLVED BY WRITER)

so im attempting too make a social deduction game similar too, jack boxes ‘push the button’.

well i wanna add more then 2 roles (kinda like town of salem?) and ive run into the issue that two variables can be that same giving a player two roles. how would i go about fixing this?

edit: forgot too show code sry bout that

I did not understand the issue. :man_shrugging:

so the variables both equal the same number, so they give the player two different roles instead of one singular one

Correct me if I’m wrong - you’re assigning a random value (from 1-8) to the global variables assassian & guard, and you want them to never be the same value?

correct, but i think ive found a solution. which just involves a series of checks and rerolling