HTML5, character hang on platform

so… sidescroller with platforms. got linear speed P1.Physics::LinearVelocityY() at Y and -2/2 on X.
now it just hangs randomly on the platform. with no reason at all.
feels like when i press any key, it hangs… any ideas?

i put “r” to respawn the object. seems like its conflict between playform and player.

edit: it seems like if i press any key or click any button it freezes the player… its like sticking on the platform

edit: i put P1.X()+0.1 on the same event where i change linear speed. problem still there but it doesnt stick on the floor now

Send me your project ( or the URL where you’ve exported the game ) so that I can look at the issue: There is may be a bug related to Game Develop.

Indeed it may… you can try it urself. just make and object with physics and put some key on linear speed.