Html5 game on pc

I’m returned dear silver-streak(pls answer me), how I can create a geme on html5?

html5 is one of the export options in GD.

When you finish producing your game in GD, hit the “publish” button at the top of GD and choose the html5 option.

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Ah, ok I didn’t see it thank you

:grin: by the way, there’s also the button for the steam exportation?

There’s no such thing as “Steam exportation” as Steam doesn’t have a special format. Steam will accept any game so long as it is an installable executable (EXE for windows, or an appropriate file for mac), and you have a steam developer account, plus pay the $100 per game fee.

GDevelop cannot cover these fees or accounts for you (No engine can), so as long as you export to desktop and not HTML5, you can publish to Steam with your own account.