Html5 joystick 8 way

:slight_smile: Hello friends!! I 'm trying to create a control those analog style you play in the center and pull the angle of a circle … My intention is to create a game as a catapult, would like that control caught the direction of the y-axis moving up and down and the x-axis to apply a thrust force to launch a character. Someone who can help me * - *: D exellent week everyone!

Hello, we could probably help you on some specific question. You have to try to make what you want by yourself to start, your demand is too vague.

What are the difficulties you are facing ?

Hello , well I 'm trying, I want specifically is to have a control that is a sprite large circle with a smaller circle in the middle that you pull in various directions, but it is possible to work with variable strength and direction … . is this possible? Sorry for bothering…