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Hi All,

First, sorry for my English because I’m French (even if I lived in London, it’s not really perfect).
I have a request for you guys. I have 2 children and I want to teach them English. They are 4 years and 10 years Old. I want to teach them English through games because I think it’s more complicated with Books.
So this is why, I was wondering if you can guys, create simple games for me and I will buy it. I’m able to buy one Game between 20 and 30$. I can’t give more regarding the price of the game because I would need around 100 games (my budget is around 2 000 and 3 000$)
As I said, simply game, for instance :

  • A fish swimming in the sea. The fish meet another animals (Like octopus, shark, etc…) Once the fish touch another animals, there is a voice OFF speaking the name of the animals. Therefore they will be able to learn the name of the animals like that.

I would need the file with the “Plateformer.json” in order to open the game through my Gdevelop session.

Is it possible to do that ? Is there someone interested to work with me here ? If so do you have all information to realize the first test or do you need more ?

Thanks in advance for your return guys,


Hello Jim! I have been struggling to learn English myself (as a 10 yo kid not living in an English-speaking country I found it rather difficult), I recommend that your kids play minecraft and ask you some of the translations. Keep the language on english, and whenever they get a new item that they recognize, they could remember them. I learned basic words from there. First time I played, achievements werent as common as they are now (really useful to learn basic english sentences such as ‘‘Milk a cow’’ ‘‘Plant a seed’’ ‘‘Bake a cake’’). Minecraft got a variety of wild animals, biomes, randomly generated structures and enemies. It could be a great way to learn basic english. From there on, books can handle it. Wish you a great day!

I would have a few questions.
Would be ok to share the source of the game publicly available to anyone?
Would be ok if the speech is computer generated (it would not work on desktop and mobile but only in the web browser)?
Would be ok if the graphics of the game are placeholders and would be mixed style and quality from various sources with no or very basic animations?

If it is ok to have computer generated speech but you would like to publish the games to desktop and mobile devices, would be ok to use a different engine, something other than GDevelop, possibly even a paid one and one that require coding? If yes, would you have any preference?

If you prefer polished and consistent graphics with animations, would you be able to provide that either making your self or buy it from 3rd party? (it would be not shared publicly but used only in your version)

If you prefer to keep the source of the game private, would you be able to consider to pay more than $30 / game if required? Depends on the complexity of the game…

Do you have the concept worked out for all 100 games and able to provide a detailed description of your needs?

Thanks Florren for your return. However I’m really interested to create several mini games for them.
But it’s a great Idea, thanks :wink:

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Hi Ddabrahim,

thanks for your return. Let me try to answer at all your questions:
-If I buy it, I prefer to get a private source and don’t share it to anyone.

  • Regarding the speech, it’s Ok for me from a computer generated. Sometimes , I will be able to provide a MP3 files with the speech because I got an account from “accapelabox”.
    -Regarding the graphics, I think we can make both. Some games with really basic animations (maybe these kind of games would be cheaper) and other games with better graphics (more expensive)

  • For the computer generated speech, I use:
    Acapela Box : create your text to speech messages
    I have an account at capella-box, I can give you my login for exemple. Good for you ?

Regarding the graphics, https://opengameart.org is perfect for the kind of games I would like to get.
It’s free and graphics is not too bad.

How much is good price ? ( knowing that I’m looking for something basic and I want to buy around 100 games)

Of course, I will be able to share it with you, if we agree regarding the price for one game.

Look forward to reading you :wink:

I was thinking in text to speech synthesise but in case you can provide me with all audio, it fine.

The problem with that you won’t find graphics for everything and graphics that match the style and quality so it makes the game look unpolished. So you might need to consider to get paid ones from better sources and make your own too…

It is depends on the amount of work and complexity. For example the fish game you have described sounds pretty simple. If you can provide me with a scene and you can provide the details what is it that you want to happen in the scene I could implement the logic for $5-$10 for example if you prefer to keep the source private and prefer not to share it.
If I need to make the whole thing from scratch, I need to hunt down the assets, build the levels based on your description, and you want to keep it private it is depends on the complexity and we can discuss this in private.

One last question.
Is there any deadline to meet? Do you want this project to be done, all 100 games by Christmas or something?
I could work on this projects only in spare time and can not guarantee to meet any deadlines at all and do conference calls at nights and weekends and that sort of things.
If that is ok with you, we can continue the discussion in private regarding prices.
Just send me a PM with the description of one of the most complex ideas you have and if you can provide me with assets and level or I need to do all from scratch and we can discuss the top price I’m might ask for and we can go from there :+1:

Hi Ddabrahim,

thanks a lot for your return, Sounds great.
I sent you a private message :wink:

Speak soon,

Hello Jim.
Will you be selling those games or keep them for your own use?

Hello Jim .
I am interested to your offer.Can you tell me more about your children.I mean age,gender and exactly how much they know about English language?

Hello Jim7 ! im very interested in that work! would you like to provide me a email? i can show you a beta of a game like you describe it and if are happy with it , i will continue and make the deal.

Did you receive my private message ?

Hi, Did you receive my private message ?

Hi there,
Did you receive my private message ?

Yes :blush:…I got It