I cannot close any tab.

I’m trying to find a way to close the tabs on the main screen.

For example, when I open gdevelop, there is the ‘Start page’ with some info. Now when I open a game, chose ‘scenes’ ‘WhatEverScenesIHave’ a new tab open. But I cannot close it with the ‘x’ sigh. The only way to close this tab is by closing the project.

Do I miss something?
Thank you…

OS Archlinux
GD version 4.0.89

Idkif of it’s linux related, but by my own experience this can happen (on windows and with native platform) when you switch tab while having a running preview of a scene. Sometimes you will not be able to close tab or interact with the UI unless you stop the preview.

No, I don’t try to close the tab when I preview the game.
It doesn’t close any tab.

This is likely to be a bug related to the version of wxwidgets / gtk of Arch Linux as it doesn’t happen on other distros.