I cant open my project file pls help

I accidentally deleted the whole files of my project, but I uploaded the source code (json file) and my resources were uploaded too, but when i tried opening it, Gdevelop didnt allow me to open it… Whats wrong?

source code: GitHub - ItsGittoDev/Lighty

Please help me this was my biggest project ever :frowning:

Usually I don’t recommend doing this, but try reinstalling it. It’s the only thing I know you can do. But if that doesn’t work, I think you are quite messed up. Sorry.
You can also try updating GDevelop

You’ve got external events/functions and layouts referenced in the project file. Do you have those in their correct sub-directories, under the folder the .json is located?

These are :





No, I dont have them

I think i messed up but at least i have the assets
There’s no way to recover the project
Thanks for the help!

It wasnt too much work tho, i can make it again and even better!

Thanks and good luck!

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you can recreate your project again.
Good Luck

Hello everyone, its been a while, and I’m ok with what happened. I didn’t pay attention to what I did and I had to pay the consecuences. Thanks for your help!

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