I can't put a checkpoint in my game

Can anyone help me please?
I can’t put a checkpoint in my game, because the tutorial for the platform game didn’t explain it to me, like a way more clearly, i know my english could be a little bad, but i hope you can undestand the problem i had… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i wait for your help


The checkpoint in the tutorial is basically just an object and as every object in GDevelop it does have an X and Y property. When the player is in collision with the checkpoint object, we store the position of the object in two variables by getting the X and Y value of the checkpoint object. When the player die we simply change the player position by using the values stored in the variables.

It is a very simplistic checkpoint only to demonstrate the basic concept. If the player has life, at the time you change the position you can also restore life. In case you also want to save and load the state of the game, you can do so by saving the state of the game on collision and load it when the player die but it is more complicated to do, it would only confuse people this is why we did not actually do a proper checkpoint in that tutorial.

Does it makes any sense to you as I described or it is still difficult for you to understand?
In case you don’t understand it, could you explain what is that you don’t understand or doesn’t work for you?

Thnx For answer about my question, but, my problem goes a little about what is the code, or the events that i need to put to make the checkpoint work, i’m a beginner in the world of programing, so i guess my question is not so clear about what was my problem

The tutorial do explain it to you what events to add and even show you screenshots, and I just did explain it to you how it works what it does, not sure if I can do any better.
In case you want more advanced checkpoint then take a look at the Save load example bundled with GDevelop to see how to save and load your game…