i don't understand variable!!

I guess it’s called Object Variable, I have read the “Using Variables” article, but I don’t understand what’s happening there.

It’s from the Magnet example. The Variable Tombe is being used as Object Variable of Balle, yet there is NO such variable in it’s properties, what’s happening?

Can anyone please guide me?


Tombe is a french variable name (The example is quite old and was made when GD was only available in French!) meaning Falling.
There is no need to declare a variable: If you use a variable that is not in the properties of an object, it will be added during the game. (But beware, here you are viewing the variables of an instance of an object put on the scene. If you want to add a variable for all objects, be sure to add it to the variable of the object: Right Click on an object in the objects list and choose ‘Properties’ to see the common properties for all of these objects).

Here, when ‘Tombe’ is set to 1, the ball is virtually flagged as being falling in a hole, and so it won’t be moved toward the magnet (Because event 5 won’t be executed, as the condition will be false). :slight_smile:

Just make some tests if you want to understand and read this page for more examples: wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/en … evariables

Ok Thanks. :slight_smile:

btw, when will the next version be released? Will it be any day this year or the next year?

also do you think its necessary to run GD from c:\program files?

I run GD from d:\others\gamedevelop.
Could this be the reason of the slow startup?

i’m asking this because i noticed there is d3d9.dll in c:\program files\gamedevelop

thanks …

Dunno about running thing (but I’d assume it’s not necessary since GD is available as ZIP archive), but next time please add such topics in Help for game creation section as it is better suited for those. This is classic “offtopic” section that nearly every forum has.

No need for d3d9.dll, it is not shipped with GD.
The next version will be available within a few days : I’m fixing bugs, notably for the Ubuntu 13.10 version.