I have a social media like Facebook and has games feature

I want to know the best way to integrate my users into the game development. But want to know…,can you sell any game created hear,launch on the stores .
Like Facebook my site has app developers panel. Am new here and want to know more…
I have my entire community members at my side.just creating opportunity.
If my message contains informations I cant post here ,am sorry.
I want to talk to an administrator if need be.

This is it?

I’m not sure if I understand you. Do you want to embed games in to Jaddopia or do you want to interface with GDevelop itself or games to integrate?
Do you have an API to connect to?

In case you want some sort of integration, you may want to ask on GitHub, this is where the devs are.

Yes you can sell games made in GD. No royalties or anything…