I have question about Scene

Can i make. like there is two scene, main menu and game

in main menu i make option to turn off volume and i click start goes other level game start whit no volume
there is tutorial to make this? or i need to try figured out?

Hi, you would need to make a global variable for volume, then it would carry over from scene to scene. So, when you hit the “no volume” button, make it set a GlobalVariable(volume)=0 and then in the next scene, set volume to the GlobalVariable(volume) at the beginning.

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ow ok thanks snobunni, one thing.

can work fps display turn off and turn on
and full screen?

its same thing right?

Yes, just store them as a GlobalVariable, that way it will work across all scenes. :slight_smile:

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good, thank you snobunni

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