I have questions :) If you have answers please just comment

Hi Firstly I need to know how to stop an object from moving into another object so they collide but nothing happens.
For Example I have a tank and it keeps going through a wall I am trying to make it not do that

Secondly I have to make an object spawn at random x and Y coordinates but not in walls so is it possible to create a list of multiple spawn coordinates that are Automatically chosen at random if so how?

I’m pretty new here so I can try to answer your questions but there is probably a better way.
To make the wall block the tank you need to create a new event and add the condition “Collision” (All objects–>Collision–>Collision) or “Collision (Pixel perfect)” (Sprite–>Collision–>Collision (Pixel perfect)) if you want the collision to be pixel-perfect.
Then you will see two blank fields in which you need to insert your tank object and your wall object and click “Ok”.
Then you will need to add the action “Separate two objects” (All objects–>Position–>Separate two objects).
Again you will see two blank fields, in the first blank field you need to insert your tank object and in the second blank field you need to insert your wall object (if you reverse it the wall will move away instead of the tank).

For the random spawning you can type “Random(800)” in the X position at the “Create an object” action, to make the object spawn between the x-coordinates of 0 and 800, the same goes for the y-coordinate.
You can try to make a condition which looks if the spawned object and wall are touching, and if so, will delete the spawned object and spawn a new one.

I hope this helped you and wasn’t too much too read.
Anyway, good luck with your game! :slight_smile:

Thanks to make the objects not go through each other I added the physics engine to both of the objects and that worked perfectly and thanks for the answers it helps