I just installed Gdevelop and.....first problem.

I just installed Gdevelop . And I’ll try to do my first game . But I have since my first problem. I select " new order " , I imported a .png image. I lay in the gray image but I do not see . I can select with the cursor , but I do not see . I’ve also downloaded the images of the tutorial for beginners, I put a new image from that package but is not . Moreover, the version on the tutorial is different from Gdevelog I installed .

The images are in the same folder as the project.

Also I can not open any project. I created three different projects . I left Gdevelop . And I then re- activate Gdevelop and I can not open any project. Nor mine, nor those that come with the program.

please help. :frowning:

Are you sure you have added all your images to the image bank, and also added the images to your object animation?
In the editor, it always display the first frame of the first animation I believe, so make sure it got something visible as the first frame of the first animation (Animation 0 Frame 0):

Also make sure you have read and write permission on your system. If you don’t have permission, you may have trouble opening and editing projects.

It does not work ! ! :frowning:

Could you upload a screenshot of your object properties as I did?

Remember about the image encoding too, the native engine and the IDE don’t support indexed images, you have to edit them manually (for example in GIMP).
Try with the images included with GD if you are using custom ones :slight_smile:

I confirm that Gdvelop has all permissions firewall . I reinstaled Gdvelop and it does not work.

I can not open any project.

You can see from the picture that I have opened an existing project (Basic platformer) and I can not see the scene, objects …

What do i do wrong??

Please help.


Thanks Victor!!!

But it does not work. it does do nothing

Double click on the scene “New scene”, or right click and “Edit this scene” :wink:

Thanks !!!

It Works. I unistalled and intalled again. And it Works at first time.