I left GDevelop because of this reasons

G develope is not good engine nothing have in it . I started using unity . Unity us 1000000 times good than g develope.

Unity has more features, sure. It also have many features GDevelop doesn’t need as GDevelop is a 2d game engine and not a 3d one. But the goal of GDevelop is also not to have more features than 3d engines existing since many years and having a gigantic team working on it, but to have something that let’s people who doesn’t know how to code to express their creativity and let them create video games, and having a completely free engine under the MIT lisence, that makes all games that you do with it completely yours. You have to pay unity if you make successful games, and you need to code C# (JS is deprecated). Just doing a simple platformer takes a good week, even if you are experienced, while you can do one in one evening with GDevelop.
GDevelop is made for all the people wanting to create, but doesn’t know how the technical part works. The engine also permits to create at an amazing speed professional games. If you just want features and know all the technical stuff, then it is ok, go.


Thank you that you were here, have fun with Unity :grin:


This is a troll message.

I suspended Starpack_Gaming wiki account as he has been spamming wiki pages with links to a tutorial. He also repeatedly posted spammed discord and some forum random threads with it.

To be clear: making and sharing a tutorial is perfectly ok. You can make a post about it, you can add it to the list of GDevelop tutorials and you can make a message about it on Discord. You can not make off topic messages about it on other threads, add it to pages on the wiki that are unrelated and spam the Discord chat with it.

After cleaning the wiki with the links, I sent a private message to Starpack_Gaming to let him know about the suspended wiki account and ask him to never do that again.
He answered with quite a bad insult.

To be clear again: it’s perfectly fine to disagree or make mistake. Answering to anyone (a community member, a moderator or an admin) with an insult is not tolerated and never tolerated anywhere on the forum, discord or GDevelop community.
As such, I’m suspending indefinitely this account and locking this thread.

Thanks for your understanding and please be nice with each others :slight_smile: