I made a detailed beginner’s Yarn tutorial video

Hello. A lot of people seem to get stuck with Yarn so I have made a detailed step-by-step beginner’s tutorial video that shows how to create a simple dialogue system from scratch. I cover the following topics:

  • How to write dialogue in the Yarn editor
  • Use a Yarn command to change a graphic, based on who is speaking
  • Allow the player to choose responses during dialogue
  • How to set up a custom graphical pointer for options lists
  • A way of checking if the player has already spoken to an NPC so that new dialogue can be launched when they speak again
  • All events explained, not just shown
  • Follow the twists and turns of Trevor and Frodo’s friendship. There’s drama! There’s sadness! There are dinosaurs!
    …and general GDevelop tips

I hope it helps someone.


Amazing, thank you for this! I’ve been putting off implementing the dialogue system in my game, this is just what I needed to get motivated and figure it out.

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