I need help for my clicker game

I just want to know how to make it so when I buy an upgrade it scales the price like cookie clicker. I also want it to scale the time it takes to give one click when I buy the upgrade so for example when I buy one fist it takes 10 seconds then when I buy 2 fists it takes 9 seconds and gives 2 clicks so on and so fourth until we get to 1 second. Then I want it to stop at 1 second but just have the amount of clicks you get go up and the price for the click to scale as well. Thanks in advance

So, I do want to be clear that people aren’t going to be able to make your game mechanics for you. You will likely need to figure out how you want to accomplish these goals yourself.

As far as scaling, I would just store a separate “current cost” variable, then multiply that by a “scaling factor”, then multiply the two to get new cost. So something like
Global Variable “Item1CurrentCost” = 100
Global Variable “Item1Scaling” = 1.25
Then whatever event you do to purchase your item, you update the current cost variable by doing GlobalVariable(Item1CurrentCost) * GlobalVariable(Item1Scaling).

thank you :slight_smile: and yea I have thought of that I tried for like a solid day but no luck so I turned to the forums. Thanks though I will definitely use this.

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