I need help! How to create object animation saves when exiting a scene and generate a good overall save system for the project? Thank you

Hi everyone, I just started using Gdevelop but I can’t find any suggestions for what I’m trying to do.

What I’m trying to make is a phone and chat simulator.
Each app opens its own screen, such as email, safari, whatsapp etc etc.

As for whatsapp what I created is this:

  • The WhatsApp icon on the phone’s home screen and its related animation
  • Clicking on it opens a WhatsApp home page with the names of your contacts
  • for now only one can be selected and by clicking on it you enter its chat.
  • I set up the messages as an object that contains 10 animations. Every animation is a message.
  • When you click on the send button, the animation changes, generating the messages.

What I would like to get is a guide on how to create a save system that keeps me (when exiting the whatsapp app) the progress made with messages.
I would like to create a days/level system.
When the 10 messages of the first day end, upon exiting the app a save of the first day is generated and, once back on the home screen, a click on another dedicated app starts the second day with new messages for the chat.
Saving game progress without having to reset the scene every time you exit the scene.

I would also like to add a general save of all scenes from all apps to the Setting app.

I hope I have been as clear as possible.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Using animations for the messages sounds like it will be cumbersome in the long run? These could be generated using separate objects. You could use a 9-patch for the bubble, and a text object. That way you only have to draw each unique bubble graphic once, and can simply type out the messages in the events or in variables.

Having all those messages as sprites will also take up a lot more space than a bunch of strings.

As for saving your progress, if you only need the progress in days then simply save that number variable with “write a value to storage” action. You could also save the entire message history as a structure or bunch of arrays if needed. But if the conversations are linear you could basically just save Day 2, Message 6 for example to recreate that same position when restarting the game. If they are non-linear, then you would have to come up with some other way to rebuild the message history. My first idea would be to save the “branches” that the player chose. So it would be like Day 2, Message 6, No to question 1. (Otherwise, when loading you would not be able to go down the same path of messages)

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Thanks, it just seemed very complex to me to create using bubbles and text, considering that they also have to move when scrolling. As I said, I’m new to this program and I’d like to tell a story that goes through situations and days, in which messages dominate but with small interactions also with other apps.
I work mainly with images and sprites seemed easier to manage.
How can I have what you suggested?

Thanks and sorry for my English

You can use the Sticker behavior to have the text object follow the bubble.

It is a bit more complex to set up initially, but once it is working it would make adding new conversations much faster.

You could also check out the Speech Bubble extension, this might accomplish what you want or at least get close to it

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