I need help, i have a error, select character

I do not select the characters.


Here I leave what I did, but I do not know why it does not work if you know how I can solve it I would appreciate it.

The trigger once is the problem, it has no condition to work with.

Remove the trigger once by itself, and put a trigger once in the same box as the conditions that check the value of Characters:

I don’t understand, could you send me a photo?

In my previous comment included a screen shot of how you had to change your code. The two events have a “Trigger once” in them.

This is what you had:

I already solved it, but when the character dies, the skin is eliminated.

I guess you’re deleting the skin, try just to set opacity to 0 or make the object invisible with Hide skinOject remember to add show skinObject at the begin of the scene.

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i assume you restart the scene when the character dies?
if so, replace your empty trigger once with at the beginning of the scene.

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