I need help in fixing few minor issues in GDevelop game engine

I have built a simple game, but it has few issues. I would like to take someone’s help to fix them.
The issues are:

  • Unable to flip when the object moving towards a particular direction
  • Unable to hide a line which is along the path of the object
    And few minor other issues.

Fell free to share your problem across the forum we are here to help each other :blush:

About this can I see your event sheet or can i have more detail?

I have bunch of issues, so i would like to fix all of them.

Well can I have the detail what type of game you are working on…Like platformer or top down?
You can contact me by email :- ruhan.rohan78426@gmail.com

I have sent u an invite in google hangouts. My game is a topdown related game. It doesn’t have a platform. It’s includes to path finding feature.

I thought I saw he is new to forum …so he might be a new user of Gdevelop .

And he didn’t mentioned it is a problem of gdevelop thats why he asked help from us. :blush:

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I was talking about a game i am building, not about the game engine itself. I didn’t reached that stage yet.

You can ignore the post, if it’s you are not interested in it.

Okay just let us know the problems you have. The majors and minors. We would try our best to help you solve them all.

I saw your videos on youtube. They are great.

@The_Gem_Dev in my scene i want enemies to move randomly. Without touching or passing through obstacles. And when the player comes near to enemies, they should start chasing player until certain radius. If possible make a video on your youtube channel. It would be helpful for many developers.

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I haven’t tried this out on my computer yet but I would in some hours and if it works I would create a tutorial on it. Presently I think creating an object around the enemies position should do the trick.
For a top down game I recommend a circular object. This object would be attached to the enemy with the position action. So once the player is in collision with this object it moves the enemy to the player and once the player is not in Collision with this object it stopes all the movement of the enemy to the player.

Thank you so much…:+1:

I almost spent half a day on generating the random movement of objects. I went through multiple posts in forum and tried to follow them. But couldn’t get to a properly working solution. If possible and if it works for you, please make a video on it and post it, which will help so many like me.

Thanks for the video.
My request was to move objects(enemies) randomly on the scene. And when player reaches them, they should start following the player up to certain distance.

The enemy which is the highlighted green could move randomly. Presently the enemy changes direction every single. Seconds when it’s not in collision with player. I would set the timer to a random value In the range of (5, 10). 5 would be the minimum second it takes to change direction while 10 would be the maximum second it would take to switch direction. Is this what you want?

@The_Gem_Dev can u give me the example code?

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Sorry for the late reply. I am currently busy and I would upload it to my drive and send you a link when I am less busy.

Ok, thanks. Please let us know once you upload it.