I need help in scrolling

I make a platformer with vertical parallax scrolling…but i want the horizontal srcoll to give my self more room to expand the map on y-axis to but camera doesn’t move in y-axis… Any suggestions how i do it…if possible give me example…thanku

Can you provide a screen shot of the events you have already?

All the events on x-axis… Its my first game

So how do you expect it to move on the Y axis if there are no events for it?

To scroll on y axis, change the camera’s Y position value.

And i dont know how to do it… I try by copy the vales of x and change it into y but it does work…
Can you give me any examples plz…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Center Camera Y Position = Player.Y() + Player.Height() *1.25 - SceneWindowHeight() / 2

Just do that every frame and the camera will move up and down when the player jumps.
The 1.25 multiplier on the Player.Height() is just to leave a little ground showing under the player’s feet… you can change that to a static number of pixels instead… or come up with your own formula.

Thanks you sir for you help☺️