I need help with Figuring out Something?

Hello I’m working on a adventure game with top down controls I have a Fire that comes from the characters mouth? the fire is a seperate object Note it’s not a bullet so I hide it at the beginning of the scene? so here’s where the problem is? I center the fire to the player at a point called FPoint here is the code ghosty_Attack.PointX(“FPoint”)+110 and ghosty_Attack.PointY(“FPoint”)-27 my prolem is i’m not good at math but I am trying to figure out if I flipped the player where the exactly on the y axis and x axis the numbers would be like when facing right ghosty_Attack.PointX(“Fpoint”)+110 so where would it be if the player was flipped horizontally the same with the y axis if you guys could help me out I’d appreciate it

I’m not sure why you are adding 110 to your X and y values. You must create a point exactly where you want the object to stay on the character. Also, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, I use a laser object on my character and I do it like this: let’s call the point on the character “mouth”. I put the origin and center point of my laser object at one end (just where you want it to come in contact with the character’s “Mouth” point). Then I have an event that places the laser around the point Character.PointX (“Mouth”) and Character.PointY (“Mouth”), and another that makes the angle of the laser = Character.Angle ()
You must make both sprites facing the same direction otherwise there will be a problem with the angle reference. Its is very important the points and angles references.