I need help with this...?

Im working on a platformer. but any tut on making a enemy is outdated pls help?

download the public extension “health” and set it so the enemies deal damage on collision to the player character.

if you’d rather doing it using conditions and action you can control

:neutral_face:= player
:space_invader:= enemy

scene start | set scene/global variable health to (however much health your characters supposed to have)
:neutral_face: collision with :space_invader:, trigger once while true | set scene/global variable health to {-1}
scene\global variable health = 0 | set scene to game over scene

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The tut’s on making it move is outdated to im seaking help for that.thx

ohhhhhhhhh, thank you for specifying

give the enemy the platformer action, turn off default controls
then simply

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