I need some hel about some small problems

Hello Friends I have some small problem please help me

Problem #1 In my game my controll of player up key dose not work in
preview and also in Android. In Preview my right and left key works ok but in Android it
keeps going on right or left if i press it once.

Problem #2 Sometime my change to next scene action dosen’t work in Android

Problem #3 How can I make the right position of my controll keys for android . Cause I have getting
some problem of position in controll . It always go to bottom of the scene insted of edge.

Problem #4 How can I copy a file from .json file to another .json file.

Problem #5 If I change the location of my resource file of a .json file it get file missing problem. Can I
make all resource into my .json file? It will be verry helpfull to make backup and easily
Problem #6 I need some help about the middle scene of two level (The scene where we press next or
retry to enter the next or retry the level.)

Hear is my file drive link (It will be helpfull if you modify my file and send me the correction)


and thanks in advace…:slight_smile:

1.I’ve fixed some of your trouble, before knowing if cursor is over a button better check that the mouse has been clicked.
2.Added a runonce to scene change condition but haven¡t checked.
3. I think you need an anchor or something like that there is a post in the forum about it.
4. You can copy from outside gdevelop like files or with a text editor, but I think you can loose the format copying text.
5. Store your images and sounds in the same folder than the json file, then you zip folder
6. I’ve not checked this.
the file

Thank you verry much it was verry helpfull