I need some more help with my game, the event to fire bullets doesn't work

So I am making a 2d side scrolling platformer and I want to give the player the ability to fire bullets. I am using the “Fire Bullets” extension. The move works fine for the most part but every time I press the button for the bullet move, the animation for the player runs but gets stuck at the last frame and pressing the “o” button doesn’t change the player animation only fire bullets until I move around then it goes back to the idle animation, then i can just repeat the process. I want the character to go back to his normal animation after i hit the “o” button and not just get stuck in the last frame of his bullet animation( P.S: i created an event to check if the “o” button is pressed then the player would change his animation to the appropriate bullet animation and then the bullet is fired)
also, when the player changes direction say from facing right to left, the bullet still fires to the right. Please I need help fixing the issue.

Also the bullet is really small, how do i increase its size without changing the animation size?

I think the idle animation is cancelling out the shoot animation. In the event that sets the player to idle add a condition to check if the animation is not equals to the shoot animation.

You also need to add a new even to change the animation back to the idle when the shoot is finished.

You can make use of the current animation and animation finished conditions.

You need to check the direction of the player and change the shoot angle accordingly.

Finally for the bullet size, you can ake use of the size action to set the desired height and width.

thanks for the one with the animation but how would i check the player direction

By checking if the player is flipped.

then how would you change the shoot angle accordingly

You make 2 events
1 where you check if player is flipped and other if player is NOT flipped

For one you fire toward Player.Angle()+0
For other Player.Angle()+180

now it just spams fire. when i ass the trigger once condition, it fires two bullets, one small one and one large one

You need to provide screenshot of your events